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What SEO agencies do in Melbourne

If you run a local Melbourne business, you’re likely surrounded by competitors. This comes with the territory when you work in one of the cosmopolitan capitals of the country. Search engine optimisation can help your digital assets – your websites and landing pages – rank higher than your competitors on search engines. The higher you find yourself on search engine results pages (SERPs) the more visitors you’ll get to your website. An increase in website traffic is a key marker of a successful digital marketing strategy.
If you want to get the top spot in your niche, you need help from an SEO company. SEO companies like CLIQ Marketing Content can create effective SEO campaigns that expose new customers to your services, while capturing lifetime leads through quality content. We work with Melbourne businesses that aspire to grow by helping them establish business goals that we can strive for with an SEO campaign. No other SEO agency in Melbourne does it quite like we do.

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How we drive better traffic and more leads for clients seeking a high-performing SEO campaign

If you’ve worked with a digital marketing agency before, you’ve likely heard a bit about search engine optimisation. However, you might not know just how much the environment has changed over the last 5 years or so. SEO marketing is no longer an exercise in building out interesting content. It requires a balance of content, technical SEO services, and link building, all brought together by an SEO team. A poorly strategised local SEO strategy can not just be damaging to your organic traffic – it can cost you thousands of dollars. Thankfully, our SEO specialists can create a mix of SEO Melbourne services that drive better outcomes for your business.
Success in Melbourne SEO requires help from SEO experts. You need a thorough understanding of how search engines work to get on top and stay there. It’s more than just finding keywords and creating pages – it’s about understanding the relationship between your SEO efforts and other parts of your digital marketing strategy. To lower your overall SEO cost, you need a customised strategy that will help you succeed in your niche.

All Melbourne businesses with a

digital presence can benefit from more website visitors. Creating an attainable benchmark for success is half the battle. The rest of the way involves undertaking research, conducting an SEO audit, creating content, and actioning backlink creation (link building). As a leading SEO company, we can help you figure out your goals and how best to achieve them.

As your Melbourne SEO agency,

we can impart our skills and experience to your team. We love to share our knowledge, and we want to form a partnership with you that grows with your business. We don't keep what we know close to our chest. It's why we are the best SEO agency for service-based businesses in Melbourne.

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Generating traffic through content and optimisation from an award-winning SEO agency Melbourne

From the outside, SEO can seem like a dark art. At CLIQ, we try and pull back the curtains on some of the SEO processes and tactics. Understanding how users search for solutions online is about understanding their intent. When a person types a term into Google (a keyword), they are signalling an intent to search for something. This might be a product, a service, or an answer to a question. More relevant answers to their questions are featured by Google higher than others, sometimes in the form of web pages, and sometimes in the form of snippets (the answers you see below the Google search bar).

SEO for a business online means more than just offering answers to questions. To get more organic traffic to your services, you might need to optimise your existing content so that it features more keywords. Maybe you could fix the images on your pages so that they load faster. You might even need to do some off-page SEO, which involves reaching out to high-authority websites to feature links back to your content. Every little bit can contribute.

So how do you know what will work for your business? The SEO experts at CLIQ Marketing Content are here to give you that insight. We specialise in different elements of a holistic SEO strategy, giving you direction for content, technical optimisation, and backlinking. Our goal is to give you results. Our team recommends strategies that use your budget in the most effective manner possible to reach the goals we set together.

As our client, you don’t just get access to SEO. You can tap into a range of digital marketing strategies, including website redesign and Google Ads. All of these facets can work together to deliver a better return on investment than you’ve ever experienced before. It’s what we do best.

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SEO Agency with Decades of Combined Experience

At CLIQ Marketing Content, we don’t roll the dice. All of our SEO strategies are backed by thorough research and our years of experience. We have made our mark by offering transparency and clarity over every dollar we spend of your budget. We document everything, including our work in Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and other SEO tools. We use these tools to drive your strategies and generate honest reports.
This transparency allows you to see how every action we’ve taken has attribution and an outcome. This clarity will give you peace of mind, while giving us the tools to continually drive better results for your campaigns. We don’t succeed until we’ve generated success in SEO for your Melbourne business.

How we help you achieve your business goals through digital marketing strategy

Every business is different. That’s why we offer custom digital marketing services for businesses that aspire to grow faster.

Google Ads

Google Ads

Hit the right people with the right message at the right time. Google Ads puts you in touch with 80% of the world's internet users using the world's largest ad platform. Pay-per-click campaigns on Google can help bolster your SEO results.

Web Projects

Web Projects

SEO needs a good framework to do its best work. We create high-performing websites and landing pages that can help you drive more traffic and capture more leads. We can create effective SEO and Google Ads campaigns from a new website.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

We want to help you outdo your competitors in search. We create effective SEO strategies with organic content, technical SEO, and backlinks to drive strong results through a range of digital marketing services.

About Us

Who Is CLIQ Marketing Content?

We are a full-service digital marketing agency offering SEO campaign management all over Australia. We offer a unique director-led model that drives strong results through every service. All of our strategies are backed by data and attributed to outcomes. In essence, we generate more leads and stronger growth through a range of professional services.
We work with businesses that aspire to work with an SEO specialist to achieve more. We believe in the following three things:

We’ll give you an honest appraisal of your situation before we ask for a signature. We promise to always recommend the best course of action for your business. When recommending a strategy, we will take you through every step of the way so that you have a full understanding of how we intend to use your budget.

We value our integrity highly. We take responsibility for our results, and will never hide if there has been an error or a misstep. We take our learnings on board and use them to be better at what we do. That’s how we deliver the best results.

Our reporting and strategy meetings are entirely transparent. We treat every business dealing with the respect it deserves, regardless if we work with you in person, via video conference, or over the phone.

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Our Simple 3 Step Process

Step 1

Free No-Obligation Strategy Session

Our co-director, Tim Buttery, will work with you during a free, no-obligation strategy session over the phone. Tim will explain SEO to you, and give you a thorough analysis of how SEO applies in your niche market. He will also take a deep dive into your current SEO strategy, giving you some ways to improve, and recommending some SEO budgets for a future engagement.

Step 2

Custom Proposal Delivery And Follow-Up Session

Our strategy session will give the team the necessary information to deliver a custom proposal that meets your specific business goals. This proposal will contain information about the current market, insights into what your competitors are doing, and some aspirational but achievable KPIs for our SEO team to achieve. We’ll also give you some examples of Web Projects that we’ve created for clients to help them achieve better results in SEO.
Following the delivery of this proposal, we’ll book another time for you to meet with Tim. This will give you an opportunity for you to ask any questions about SEO.

Step 3

Onboarding & Execution

If you are pleased with our suggested direction, we can move to onboard you as an SEO client. We are a boutique agency, which grants us the flexibility to onboard clients in just 1 business day. Our dual agency cycle starts at the beginning of the month and in the middle of the month. during these periods we will get started on producing custom SEO content for your website, plus making sure that all of our tracking requirements are met through Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

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    Artyom Isakov

    Adelaide Locksmith

    "Best Marketing agency in South Australia! CLIQ always puts the client first. They offer great communication and transparency along with their great services. I would recommend any business looking for a marketing agency to use CLIQ without a doubt."

      Billy Milionis

      The Actors Pulse

      "Excellent results and awesome customer service. Tim and his team at CLIQ have been super knowledgeable and easy to work with from day one. Our business's AdWords and SEO have never been better. We have tried many other companies and none have even come close to the results CLIQ have achieved. So grateful we have found them."

        Jay Scerri

        Bird Control

        "I would like to thank Tim and the team from CLIQ Marketing for doing the unthinkable, I went from a struggling business to a high turnover each and every month I have tried multiple marketing companies with zero results I found CLIQ MARKETING and I will never look back driven results honest hard working and they deliver what they tell you great team guys."

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