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B2C Lead Generation Campaigns

CLIQ Marketing Content specialises in B2C lead generation that supercharges your sales pipeline and expands your market reach. As a leading B2C lead generation agency, we understand the nuances and needs of direct consumer marketing. Our expert team is here to empower your business, enabling it to thrive in competitive environments by connecting you with valuable consumers eager for your services.

Our strategic approaches are tailored to meet the unique challenges and objectives of your business, ensuring that every campaign delivers optimal results. Whether you’re looking to enhance brand awareness, increase sales, or both, our B2C strategies are designed to bring your business to the forefront of your industry, and front of mind for your customers.

We offer a free consultation & audit of your current B2C Lead Generation strategy.

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Generate Leads Through A Refreshed Lead Generation Process

If you’re finding it challenging to generate warm leads, it’s likely time to reassess your marketing strategies. Success in B2C lead generation doesn’t just come from generating a higher volume of leads; it’s about attracting qualified prospects who can drive your business growth. Effective B2C lead generation involves filtering out low-value leads to focus on those that offer the greatest potential value and conversion opportunities. By minimising the time your sales teams spend on unproductive leads, your business can achieve greater profitability.

Investing in both outbound and inbound marketing for your business can seem daunting, and missteps in these areas can lead to significant financial losses. But by partnering with a specialised B2C lead generation agency like CLIQ Marketing Content, you gain access to an arsenal of tools, tactics, and expertise designed to optimise your marketing efforts. Our approach to B2C lead generation focuses on creating a holistic marketing strategy that not only increases lead quality but also reduces overall marketing expenditures. Let us help you streamline your lead generation process and maximise your ROI.

All Australian service-based businesses can uncover growth

They can discover new growth opportunities through effective B2C lead generation. An increase in high-quality prospects allows you to venture into new business areas, hire additional staff, and explore innovative operational methods, such as automation. This is why we at CLIQ Marketing Content are eager to collaborate with you to establish realistic yet ambitious business objectives that we can achieve by generating more leads.

B2C lead generation can provide valuable insights

We can do this by revealing how different segments of your consumer base react to various marketing channels. Effective B2C lead generation can even help you phase out less effective marketing channels from your sales funnel, such as outdated email marketing techniques. When strategically planned and implemented, your next B2C lead generation campaign can reduce your marketing spend as you refine your understanding of what effectively resonates with your customers and what does not.

Start With a Free Strategy Session

Are you ready to boost your business with high-quality B2C lead generation? Contact our friendly team today for a free strategy session. Whether you need a new website, SEO or Google Ads, we are here to help elevate your brand and achieve your sales targets.

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Generating Quality Leads Through Expert Content Creation And More

At CLIQ Marketing Content, we believe that quality leads are the cornerstone of successful B2C marketing. By leveraging content creation along with a range of other dynamic marketing services, we nurture your potential leads through every step of the sales funnel. From the initial contact to the final sale, our team is there to ensure that every lead is perfectly poised to convert into a paying customer.


Consumer-focused marketing campaigns utilise our innovative tools and techniques to target and engage potential customers effectively. Customised lead nurturing creates personalised interactions that convert leads into loyal customers. Advanced analytics and reports produce insightful data that helps refine your strategies and maximise return on investment.

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Why Choose CLIQ Marketing Content as your B2C Lead Gen Partner?

Lead Generation Agency Services with Decades of Combined Experience

With decades of combined experience in digital marketing and lead generation, our agency is committed to delivering only the best to our clients. We invite you to review our past work and the impressive results we’ve achieved for businesses across Australia. Partner with us and feel confident in our skills and dedication to your success.

About Us

Who Is CLIQ Marketing Content?

We are a full-service digital marketing agency that works with service-based businesses all over Australia to help them generate more and better leads. Our director-led model allows us to deliver outstanding results while working with a team of digital marketing experts. Our strategies are data-driven, meaning that they are constantly feeding us ways to develop and improve. Whether it’s through SEO, PPC, or website development, we are here to help you grow sustainably.

We work with businesses that aspire to generate leads through the right marketing channels. We aim to achieve this by offering three things:

We commit to always giving you an honest reflection of what you stand to gain and lose. This all happens before we require your signature. We will only ever recommend the best course of action that aligns with your business goals. We will always help you understand every strategic decision we recommend, so that you can be confident in the fact that we are using your budget in the best way.

We value integrity in everything we do. We are always responsible for the results of the campaigns we develop, and always promise to be accountable for those results. If we make a mistake or a misstep, we will develop learning to ensure that the next campaign we create is better than ever.

You’ll always get 100% transparency when you work with us. From communication, to meetings, to reporting, you’ll have full clarity over what we are doing and why we are doing it. We always pledge to act with respect and in your best interests, no matter if we are working together in person or remotely.

Book A Free

Strategy Session

How to get a custom lead gen strategy
Our Simple 3 Step Process

Step 1

Free No-Obligation Strategy Session

You’ll start with a 1-on-1 with Tim Buttery, our co-director. He’ll run you through the lead generation process, giving you insights on improving your current strategy and budget, with industry specific knowledge.

Step 2

Custom Proposal Delivery And Follow-Up Session

Next step is receiving your custom proposal, outlining your business goals discussed. This will include competitor analysis, benchmarks we’ve set to meet, and quality scores. Afterwards, we’ll arrange a second meeting to answer any questions you have.

Step 3

Onboarding & Execution

If you’re happy with everything presented, we’ll get started. This can happen as soon as 1 business day. This will involve creating content, building pages, and developing elements of your digital marketing campaign. We’ll track performance with analytics tools like Google Analytics, to ensure benchmarks are met.

How we've helped grow businesses with lead generation

Here's what our happy clients have to say about how we manage their lead generation campaigns.


    Nima Asadi Khomami

    One Will

    "Tim and Esther have been amazing in support our new business and have really got us up and running. With CLIQ's support we are now seeing a steady stream if new viewers daily to the website and consistent sign up numbers. Very happy to recommend CLIQ, and hope to continue to work with Tim and Esther as we grow."

      Jason Macintosh

      Motion Trader

      "Tim and his team have been a huge help in getting Motion Trader's YouTube advertising up and running. Tim advised on scripting for the ad and gave us a template to follow. This saved a lot of time and made sure our messaging was right. CLIQ have also done a terrific job in placing and managing the ad on YouTube. Another important point is that you'll have direct access to Tim. Other digital marketing firms I've used operate through an account manager of varying experience. Speaking to Tim directly is help us get the best results from our investment."

        Steve Dunn

        Alliance Legal Services

        "We found CLIQ at the start of the COVID epidemic when the Google advertising landscape erupted over a four week period. We'd been running our own campaigns successfully for five years when the number of advertisers quadrupled, and the cost per click skyrocketed. Tim gave us good advice, gave us a solid approach for a new campaign and we've held our hard earned market position throughout the pandemic. We now get more data on our spend and targeting than we ever had before. Paying for a sophisticated approach was a good investment."

        Tim & Esther are down to earth and have helped our Finance Business grow from lead generation as we started from zero clients. Their expertise, clear communication and willingness to always offer guidance or a sounding board for our new business made for an invaluable experience whilst delivering excellent results. We are looking forward to celebrating our growth achievements with Cliq Marketing Content!
        JUN JIN
        In the competitive world of finance brokering, targeting our niche market is crucial. Tim and Esther and their team have been an instrumental partner in this endeavor over the past 12 months. Their adeptness in creating and managing Google Ads campaigns tailored specifically to our industry has been a game-changer. Their insightful strategies and deep understanding of our sector have yielded campaigns that resonate with our target audience, driving both engagement and conversions. Their professionalism and dedication shine through in the results we've seen. We couldn't have asked for a better digital ally. Highly commendable.
        DaHuZi “SlopeSensei” Jin
        Over the past 10 months or so, Tim and his team at CLIQ have consistently surpassed our expectations. Their expertise in Google Ads Campaigns has not only elevated our online visibility but also significantly boosted our conversion rates. Their team is proactive, constantly optimizing strategies to ensure maximum ROI. Their transparency in communication and dedication to understanding our brand and services has fostered a partnership that feels genuinely collaborative. In an ever-evolving digital landscape, having a partner like them has been invaluable. Their excellence in service is unparalleled, and we look forward to continued success together. Highly recommended!
        Hamish Clapham
        Tim and Esther have been so easy to work with and have made the whole experience for us really fun. They really know what they are doing and the results confirm this. We are excited to continue to work with them on our business and see where we can take it. If you want help to grow your business, then I can't recommend Cliq highly enough.
        Kareena Colton
        Tim, Esther and the entire team are knowledgably and amazing at what they do! Timely communication, hitting monthly targets and transparency, couldn't recommend them highly enough. Thank you the entire team!
        Dee Tozer
        Tim and Esther have gone above and beyond for my business. They know what they are doing, they do it well, I am extremely grateful that I saw their YouTube ad. Furthermore they are great human beings to have on my team.
        Aaron p
        I first spoke with Tim after spending thousands with two other agencies that gained 1 lead between the two companies. The communication was second to none. The landing page was brilliant, the ads were an instant success, pulling in about 30 leads a month - I couldn't have asked for anything better. Tim and Esther turned my business around. I'll be back to use CLIQ again in the future.
        darren green
        Tim came across as exactly what I was looking for, no contracts required, affordable google advertising, affordable landing page design for the new google campaign, I would be directly dealing with Tim for the campaign, the actual owner! Now the most important factor of proceeding ahead was our budget, we had been devastated by the previous provider, we could not afford exorbitant management fees, SEO, or expensive new landing pages, we had, very, very limited funds at this time. I discussed this with Tim from Cliq, that we required immediate revenue to keep the business alive, I was about to lose it all. He came up with a new and simple campaign with the intent to attain as much revenue as possible straight of the bat, keeping the business alive, designed a new landing page and optimised our google advertising to the landing page. And WOW what a result, the phones started to ring straight way, I couldn’t believe it, work was now constantly being booked in, what a savour, Cliq / Tim really did put his money where his mouth is. With the campaign gaining momentum as we discussed from the get-go, our revenue has increased by some 217% over the month of March 2022 – March 2023 with Cliq, if we look at the same month comparison March 2021 (With The So Called Giants, Spending In access of $xx,xxx pm) the increase in revenue is still 28% higher and growing than there best, all achieved in such a short period. We are now consistently booked out three and a half weeks ahead, our expansion goal is back on tract, we are now able to employ further technicians and are in further talks with Tim regarding other revenue stream possibilities. I strongly recommend, that if you have been or are in a similar situation or just starting out, the team from Cliq will deliver on their promise, helping you achieve, all that you dreamed to be! I did and haven’t looked back! Thanks Tim Regard's Darren Green Director Zeropest Australia
        mehd. s
        I signed up with CLIQ marketing 2 months ago to run google Ads for my business and so far it has been excellent :). Tim and the team really knows what they are doing.
        Mia Juliet
        I saw these guys on a YouTube ad, and it caught my eye. Tim and I had a conversation after I filled out a request form, he made some big promises and I was hopeful that it wasn't just 'another' marketing agency promise. THESE GUYS ARE THE REAL DEAL! Straight out the gate we have doubled our business in the first month and I'm so excited. Tim and the team built a beautiful landing page, Gave me an unbelievable platform and structure to work with and the results keep coming. I cannot recommend these guys highly enough, Thanks Tim and Team! Alex | ATD - aka One happy small business owner
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