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Local SEO services can help you outperform other local businesses in your niche. We can create a local SEO campaign that exposes your brand to thousands of new customers

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Local SEO Agency

Local SEO Strategy

Ready to find more local customers in your area? You’re going to need more than a Google My Business listing and an updated phone number. Today, businesses need to take command of their local market using proven local search engine optimisation techniques.

At CLIQ Marketing Content, we have developed winning local SEO strategies that work for your business, helping you outperform your competitors in local search results.  

We’re not just a local SEO company – we’re a search-specialised marketing agency that creates holistic solutions. We are passionate about helping you become a leading business in your local community.

Local SEO Management

Local SEO Management For Greater Organic Traffic

Your local customers need a little extra help if they’re going to find you amongst the competition and without local SEO, you’re likely invisible online. 

Ensuring you are visible and understand the intent or ‘why?’ behind a local search is vital to capturing your customers.  

Getting a good position on search engine results pages (SERPs) requires:

Did you know that a disorganised or poorly executed approach to SEO can potentially harm your brand? How? Search engines often penalise an incorrect SEO approach which can damage your ranking, further diluting your search engine visibility.

To drive cost-effective, high-performing results for your business, you need a reputable local SEO company with a keen understanding of how search engines work.  

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Service-based Businesses

We're a leading digital marketing agency skilled in local SEO

We use every tool available to help you capture your market. To ensure success, we consistently track our campaigns and generate reports. This allows us to gain further insights into how we can improve and serve you better.

With our support, all local service-based businesses can experience renewed growth. Our SEO services are proven to:

Our local SEO experts can help you get results, no matter what you are looking for. We use tried and tested methods including local keyword research and local link-building strategies to help your business grow.

Local SEO Agency
Local SEO Management

We’re For You

At CLIQ, we make you the leader of your local SEO marketing by sharing our expertise. In doing this, we give you the ability to create lasting success for your business.

 We do this in several ways: 

  • We take the time to get to know you and understand your business goals
  • As our partner, you’ll get access to our limitless local SEO knowledge
  • We give you the tools you need to become a local SEO specialist in your own right 

This approach is all part of our commitment to offering the absolute best in service for our clients.

Start With A Free Strategy Session

Looking for Google Ads, a new website or SEO? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly directors today to find out how we can help your business!

Creating The Best Local SEO Strategy

How We Help You

Dominate Your Local Market With A Mix Of Content And Optimisation In Just A Few Steps


Understanding Local Intent

The first step to achieving a desirable position on a Google local search is understanding local intent. 

When people are searching for something relative to their location, they are flagging a need to find a solution in a specific area – like ‘fish and chips Bondi‘ or ‘best skin care Melbourne‘. This is the intent or ‘why’ behind their search.


Ensuring Your Content Speaks To Local Intent

The best answers to the queries exemplified above will be optimised content that understands the intent behind the search. Doing this ensures you deliver the right answer to the customer and makes it easier for Google to match them with your services. 

The best answers will also feature at the top of Google’s search results along with contact information, the business’s position on Google Maps, and a link to their website. Putting you front and centre.


Making Your Website A Stand Out

Getting customers to your page is just one component of success. Ensuring your website is optimised and capable of keeping them engaged and on-page to complete a transaction or engage with you is equally as important. 

This could mean crafting new and highly intentional content based on what we know your local customers are searching for or refreshing existing content for the same purpose. It could also mean speeding your site up or making it more user-friendly. 

A website crafted with SEO principles in mind is also essential to achieving a higher ranking on SERPS results.

A Multi-Faceted Approach

These steps are just part of how we deliver a targeted and successful approach to enhancing your visibility in your area. 

Bottom line? Google searches can yield incredible results for local businesses. In fact, around 80% of users click on the first instance on a search engine results page. 95% don’t leave the first page. 

To capture your share of these ratios, you need to be ranking as high as possible. This is something we can help you achieve.

About Us

Trusted Local SEO Experts

As local SEO experts, CLIQ Marketing Content knows what it takes to get the most out of the different facets of SEO in a way that is accessible to businesses of all sizes.

We’ll never ask for a signature until we’ve given you a direct and honest appraisal of your position. We are guided by what is best for your business, not by our bottom line. 

We promise to walk you through the inner workings of our strategies so you can have absolute confidence in what we are doing.

Our SEO team is highly experienced in helping service-based businesses outperform their competition in the local area. 

First, they’ll take a look at your current SEO efforts and identify what could use some changes. Then, they’ll help to create a local SEO strategy that best suits your particular business goals. 

We recognised that no two businesses are the same so we tailor your SEO strategy to meet your unique requirements.

Our services don’t end with SEO. To further drive results, we can supplement your organic content with a PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising campaign. 

We also have the skills necessary to develop your website and landing pages to ensure they are performing at their peak. It’s all part of our commitment to you as a full-service digital marketing agency.

Local SEO Agency
Why Chose Us As Your Local SEO Agency Partner?

Local SEO Services Delivered with Decades of Combined Experience

At CLIQ Marketing Content, we are in the business of results. 

To generate the best rankings for our local SEO clients we employ tried and tested practices backed by rich data insights. 

We value transparency and communication as key to our operations. We encourage questions and are happy to provide a look into everything we are doing. 

Whether it’s looking at keyword fluctuations in Google Search Console, or tracking content performance via Google Analytics – we take the time to explain it all.

Using our tools to generate honest reports about your campaigns, we show how every dollar you invest with us is attributed to a successful outcome. 

The value of these reports is twofold as they also give us a framework by which we can continually re-optimise your campaigns for greater success. 

At CLIQ, we recognise that our success is a direct result of the outcomes we achieve for your business. With this and our commitment to quality as a driving factor, we work hard to deliver over and above expectations on every project.

How we help you achieve your business goals through digital marketing strategy

Every business is different. That’s why we offer custom digital marketing services for businesses that aspire to grow faster. We tailor our support to meet your needs giving you the ability to choose the services you need and leave the ones you don’t. 

You can create your ideal digital marketing strategy by focusing on one or more of our key support areas. 

Google Ads

Google Ads

Paid search can put your local business in touch with your share of up to 80% of the world's web users. Make the most of the world's largest advertising platform by working with our Google Ads team.

Web Projects

Web Projects

SEO success requires scaffolding from an effective website. We specialise in creating high-performing websites and landing pages that are built from the ground up to capture more leads and deliver your content to the right audience.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

It's your turn for the top spot in your local market. Our SEO services are based on years of tried and true strategies that have consistently delivered successful results for our clients. SEO can also involve the use of Google Ads and Web Projects.

About Us

Who Is CLIQ Marketing Content?

We are a full-service digital marketing agency offering local SEO services for businesses that aspire to grow, all over Australia. 

Our unique director-led model puts you in touch with some of the best digital marketing talent in Australia. Our data-backed strategies continue to contribute to outstanding results for our clients by generating more leads and stronger, more stable growth.

If you’re in a position where you want to achieve better results and a more attractive return on investment, you’ve come to the right place. 

Wholly dedicated to your success, we are guided by three core principles that inform our approach and interactions with you.

We’ll never ask for a signature until we’ve given you a direct and honest appraisal of your position. We are guided by what is best for your business, not by our bottom line. 

We promise to walk you through the inner workings of our strategies so you can have absolute confidence in what we are doing.

Integrity is one of our core values. We take full responsibility for our results and are accountable if we get something wrong. We rarely make mistakes, but when we do, we learn from them and use their insights to generate even better results than before.

We aim for clarity and transparency in everything we do. Every meeting, whether it’s via phone, or in person, will leave you feeling confident and respected as a partner of ours. 

We always give you insight into what we plan to do with your budget, and we will happily answer any questions you may have.

Local SEO Agency

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Strategy Session


Our Simple 3 Step Process

Step 1

Free No-Obligation Strategy Session

Meet with Tim Buttery, our co-director for a strategy session over the phone. He’ll run you through the basics of SEO strategy, and how to apply them in your local market.

This will include an in-depth review of your current local SEO strategy, to give you valuable insights for short term improvement.

Step 2

Custom Proposal Delivery And Follow-Up Session

Following your first call, you’ll receive a tailored proposal, specific to your SEO needs. It will provide a competitor analysis as well as benchmarks we’ve set to meet. Afterwards, we’ll lock in another meeting with Tim, to address any questions or concerns you might have.

Step 3

Onboarding & Execution

If you’re happy with everything discussed, we’ll move to implement your SEO strategy. This can start in as little as 1 business day. This includes producing local SEO content, technical optimization, and using tools by Google like Search Console and Analytics to set you up for success.

How we've helped grow businesses with local SEO

Hear from Our Happy Clients


    Robert Cugno

    Future U Coaching

    "I really enjoy working with Tim and his team. They have taken the time to learn and understand my business & my industry. Their communication is excellent and their campaigns have given my business a real boost. I look forward to an ongoing relationship."

      Nima Asadi Khomami

      One Will

      "Tim and Esther have been amazing in support our new business and have really got us up and running. With CLIQ's support we are now seeing a steady stream if new viewers daily to the website and consistent sign up numbers. Very happy to recommend CLIQ, and hope to continue to work with Tim and Esther as we grow."

        Barry Meskin

        IP Guardian

        "I engaged CLIQ several months ago to assist with SEO and PPC to help my business. Tim and Esther have been fantastic in helping improve my online lead channel. They have been open and honest with all their suggestions and advice and I have been very impressed with their service. The team at CLIQ have always been easy to work with and they have achieved great results for my business."

        Tim & Esther are down to earth and have helped our Finance Business grow from lead generation as we started from zero clients. Their expertise, clear communication and willingness to always offer guidance or a sounding board for our new business made for an invaluable experience whilst delivering excellent results. We are looking forward to celebrating our growth achievements with Cliq Marketing Content!
        JUN JIN
        In the competitive world of finance brokering, targeting our niche market is crucial. Tim and Esther and their team have been an instrumental partner in this endeavor over the past 12 months. Their adeptness in creating and managing Google Ads campaigns tailored specifically to our industry has been a game-changer. Their insightful strategies and deep understanding of our sector have yielded campaigns that resonate with our target audience, driving both engagement and conversions. Their professionalism and dedication shine through in the results we've seen. We couldn't have asked for a better digital ally. Highly commendable.
        DaHuZi “SlopeSensei” Jin
        Over the past 10 months or so, Tim and his team at CLIQ have consistently surpassed our expectations. Their expertise in Google Ads Campaigns has not only elevated our online visibility but also significantly boosted our conversion rates. Their team is proactive, constantly optimizing strategies to ensure maximum ROI. Their transparency in communication and dedication to understanding our brand and services has fostered a partnership that feels genuinely collaborative. In an ever-evolving digital landscape, having a partner like them has been invaluable. Their excellence in service is unparalleled, and we look forward to continued success together. Highly recommended!
        Hamish Clapham
        Tim and Esther have been so easy to work with and have made the whole experience for us really fun. They really know what they are doing and the results confirm this. We are excited to continue to work with them on our business and see where we can take it. If you want help to grow your business, then I can't recommend Cliq highly enough.
        Kareena Colton
        Tim, Esther and the entire team are knowledgably and amazing at what they do! Timely communication, hitting monthly targets and transparency, couldn't recommend them highly enough. Thank you the entire team!
        Dee Tozer
        Tim and Esther have gone above and beyond for my business. They know what they are doing, they do it well, I am extremely grateful that I saw their YouTube ad. Furthermore they are great human beings to have on my team.
        Aaron p
        I first spoke with Tim after spending thousands with two other agencies that gained 1 lead between the two companies. The communication was second to none. The landing page was brilliant, the ads were an instant success, pulling in about 30 leads a month - I couldn't have asked for anything better. Tim and Esther turned my business around. I'll be back to use CLIQ again in the future.
        darren green
        Tim came across as exactly what I was looking for, no contracts required, affordable google advertising, affordable landing page design for the new google campaign, I would be directly dealing with Tim for the campaign, the actual owner! Now the most important factor of proceeding ahead was our budget, we had been devastated by the previous provider, we could not afford exorbitant management fees, SEO, or expensive new landing pages, we had, very, very limited funds at this time. I discussed this with Tim from Cliq, that we required immediate revenue to keep the business alive, I was about to lose it all. He came up with a new and simple campaign with the intent to attain as much revenue as possible straight of the bat, keeping the business alive, designed a new landing page and optimised our google advertising to the landing page. And WOW what a result, the phones started to ring straight way, I couldn’t believe it, work was now constantly being booked in, what a savour, Cliq / Tim really did put his money where his mouth is. With the campaign gaining momentum as we discussed from the get-go, our revenue has increased by some 217% over the month of March 2022 – March 2023 with Cliq, if we look at the same month comparison March 2021 (With The So Called Giants, Spending In access of $xx,xxx pm) the increase in revenue is still 28% higher and growing than there best, all achieved in such a short period. We are now consistently booked out three and a half weeks ahead, our expansion goal is back on tract, we are now able to employ further technicians and are in further talks with Tim regarding other revenue stream possibilities. I strongly recommend, that if you have been or are in a similar situation or just starting out, the team from Cliq will deliver on their promise, helping you achieve, all that you dreamed to be! I did and haven’t looked back! Thanks Tim Regard's Darren Green Director Zeropest Australia
        mehd. s
        I signed up with CLIQ marketing 2 months ago to run google Ads for my business and so far it has been excellent :). Tim and the team really knows what they are doing.
        Mia Juliet
        I saw these guys on a YouTube ad, and it caught my eye. Tim and I had a conversation after I filled out a request form, he made some big promises and I was hopeful that it wasn't just 'another' marketing agency promise. THESE GUYS ARE THE REAL DEAL! Straight out the gate we have doubled our business in the first month and I'm so excited. Tim and the team built a beautiful landing page, Gave me an unbelievable platform and structure to work with and the results keep coming. I cannot recommend these guys highly enough, Thanks Tim and Team! Alex | ATD - aka One happy small business owner
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