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Our directors are passionate about bringing back human relationship with our partners in an industry largely dominated by automation. As you learn about our beginnings, you’ll see a consistent theme of integrity, transparency and measurable results that we deliver time and again. 

No More Smoke & Mirrors

We launched CLIQ Marketing Content in 2018 with the understanding we were entering the saturated digital marketing  landscape (it seems like every man and his dog is a digital marketer nowadays…?) But, being from Adelaide originally, the city where you only get as far as who you know, we understood the power of building long-lasting relationships, accountability and transparency in what is to many a confusing and in some cases, fearful digital landscape. 

We’ve heard it 100 times over, the rhetoric of being tossed from account manager to account manager, salesperson to salesperson and… who’s this guy now? We understand that not only do our clients desire measurable results, but they desire a consistent relationship with their marketing department (us) built on rapport and common goal setting. 

Our promise to you is that you won’t be tossed to and fro in the never-ending waters of account managers and salespersons. But you will be treated with respect and commitment from our directors and team of experts. 

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Our Promise

Our team remains the same, your results remain the same and never again do you have to feel like just a number. We hope you desire to start with a “CLIQ” and feel the power of consistent, measurable results like never before. 

Our Priorities

We prioritise making you feel valued, heard and equipped in your digital marketing. We’re going to be a part of your business team right from the outset. Our directors still thrive off client relationship after all these years and will be heavily involved with your marketing package . 

No More Bad Agency Experiences

Have you ever had a bad experience with a marketing agency? There are a lot of “agencies” and freelancers out there who give digital marketing a horrible name. Maybe you’ve been on the wrong end of an agency who has professed their apparent ability, yet left you scratching your head as to where the tangible results are.

At CLIQ Marketing Content, we’re different. We prioritise transparency in our communication, reporting and tracking of everything we do. We get amazing results and we prove it by tracking them and clearly explaining it to you. 

Real Results
For Real Brands

CLIQ Marketing Content

Meet The Directors (Real People)

The old adage “behind every great man there’s an even greater woman,” rings true at CLIQ Marketing Content. Meet the powerhouse husband and wife duo who discovered the power of a “CLIQ.”

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Tim Buttery

As the co-director, head of onboarding and client relations, Tim is very much a people centred person. With over 5 years experience in marketing with huge companies like Coca Cola, the National Basketball League, BUPA and more, Tim understands what the big brands are doing to stay big, and how to take a small brand to a big brand over time. Still involved with every single client of CLIQ’s, we guarantee you’ll meet Tim.

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Esther Buttery

Meet the engine room of CLIQ Marketing Content, our co-director and chief of staff Esther. With a background in psychology and behavioural therapy, Esther brings a unique mix to the marketing table. Whilst every client hears Tim’s voice, every ad campaign, website and project has Esther’s “Midas Touch” applied to it. Esther’s responsible for making sure the team is keeping all of our client’s investments running like well oiled machines. 

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