How M-Water Consistently Generated 10-20 Subscription Model Leads Each Month

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Google Ads Case Study


Here’s how we took M-Water to the next level through a powerful, targeted Google Ads campaign. 

M-Water was one of Australia’s premiere water delivery companies based in, and largely servicing, Melbourne and Victoria. M-Water focuses on providing exceptional bottled spring water solutions to both residential and commercial properties. With unbeatable pricing, and exceptional customer service, M-Water  established themselves strongly in a competitive market. 

M-Water approached us to run Google Ads after having an exceptionally bad experience with one of Australia’s other biggest digital marketing agencies. Having spent multiple tens of thousands of dollars on Google Advertising and related marketing services with this agency for little return, M-Water needed a refreshing and integral touch from a digital marketing agency like us. 

Needing to cement their already good position in Melbourne’s water delivery market, M-Water was ready to engage the CLIQ Marketing Content team and take their business to the top. 

"CLIQ Marketing has been nothing short of fantastic during the current health crisis. Tim regularly checks in, delivers results and offers suggestions on how to tweak and constantly improve. We used to be with one of Australia's biggest digital agencies that charged an arm and a leg, but CLIQ Marketing added that much needed personal touch. We have got a good return on ad spend. If you are tired of feeling like just another "number or client" give CLIQ Marketing a go. You will not be disappointed!"

The Task At Hand

Key takeaways from their problem:

1. Conscious Of A Bad Experience

We needed to provide exceptional, above and beyond service to M-Water (like we do with all of our clients) from day one. We had to show how although we don’t charge 1,000’s of dollars, we can do the same if not better than ones that do.

2. Setting Up To Scale

M-Water had a desire to scale their Google Advertising from day one. With this in mind, the way that you structure the account, gather data and conduct all of the initial optimisation changes. 

3. Potential Australia Wide Expansion

With a desire to become the biggest bottled water, and water cooler dispenser retailers in Australia, M-Water was ready to take on the Australia wide market and deal with giants.

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Let's Pull Back The Curtains On Our Google Ads Management Strategy For M-Water

Stage 1

Initial action steps:

These steps were taken before the Google Ads campaign went live. 

1. Competitor Analysis

With such strong competition from well established big Australian brands, it was vital we conducted competitor research to craft an irresistible offer that would help with generating leads for M-Water. 

2. Bid Strategy Awareness

After M-Water’s bad experience with their previous agency, it was necessary to begin by controlling the Google Ads keyword bids so that we didn’t burn through the budget getting vital data that would be used for long term scaling. 

3. Conversion Tracking For Long Term Success

We set up extensive conversion tracking on every possible customer action on M-Water’s site and landing pages. This way they would be able to measure the key metrics like CPA, Conversion Rate, Close Rate and more.

Stage 2

Major three month optimisation steps:

The three month mark is a major optimising point for long term maturity of a Google Ads campaign

1. Conversion Rate Optimisation

Having traditionally been an online e-commerce seller, it was vital to help M-Water with Conversion Rate Optimisation now that they were conducting lead generation through a number of landing pages. We regularly adjusted the offers, page content, landing page layouts and more.

2. Device Analysis

As M-Water is often receiving and giving quotes for their water delivery service we took stock of the devices and placed bid adjustments on particular  devices to make sure that quotes were as seamless as possible.

What were the results?

Over the first 6 months of Google Ads, M-Water has gone from strength to strength. They have generated over 70 leads and have pushed forward through the global COVID-19 pandemic, even as Melbourne their home city, went into total lockdown. 

M-Water continually generated between 10-20 leads per month. Their average Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) hovers between $28-$40 and their conversion rate ranges between 14.29 and 21.85%. 

On average, the e-commerce or retail industry converts at around 1-3%, so we are generating leads for M-Water at around five to seven times higher than the industry average. 

Their cost per click was $4.72, which was greatly reduced from the average top of page costs of between $7-$10. This was largely because of the custom landing page and expert ad copy, which set an above average quality score for each keyword. 

With our tailored advertising strategy, we were able to achieve these results for M-Water and drastically improve what was a traditional e-commerce business campaign, and turn it into a lead generating machine. M-Water has now merged with a larger another company in Melbourne and continues to expand.

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