The sleeping giant of business sales – wake him up!

the cold call is the sleeping giant of business sales

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The sleeping giant is the cold call.

It strikes fears into any person, but many of the world’s biggest businesses swear by them.

But why?

92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone but the ‘cold call’ is still considered out-dated.

The negativity towards cold calling is perhaps because it is done so wrong so many times that in most people’s eyes “it never works.”

In this article I cover what not to do and what to do in a ‘cold call’ and convince you to implement it into your business, the right way.

Hi, My name is...

Most calls end when you say hello. It is the first few seconds of introduction that foreshadow the call’s success.

Most cold calls start with a quick introduction like “Hi, I’m Gabby. I work for CLIQ Marketing Content. Do you have time to talk?”

On the other end of the phone the prospect hears “HiImGabbyIworkforCLIQMarketingDoyouhavetimetotalk?”

They have no idea what you have said and here is why:

You mumbled, you spoke way to fast and you didn’t speak clearly enough.

Your prospect is sitting there still trying to figure out what you said and who you are. That introduction might be routine to you, it has never been heard by that person.

It is important to give the prospect time to receive and evaluate what is being said. Put more time into it, enunciate and be loud and clear.

Even when the answer ends up being “No, sorry. I haven’t got time” then at least that customer has heard your business name and who you are.

Keeping brand awareness and brand integrity at the forefront of your cold calling strategy means you’ll have more success than failure

cold calling is the number one business strategy

Calling with confidence

This applies not only to your introduction but to the entirety of your phone call.

To have a voice that is strong and confident – you must be confident and strong…. Duh!

A weak voice will not deliver. If you are scared or underconfident, even tired then your call will reflect that.

It is always best to make these calls when you are at a peak state so that confidence and clarity sings through the phone.

Cold calling can generate a variety of responses such as hang-ups, terminations and even verbal attacks.

Remember objection always happens in business but that shouldn’t make you fearful. You must get used to people saying ‘no’ because, at the end of the day, they can’t hurt you.

Knowing you have nothing to lose and the prospect can’t hurt you is when good things happen.

Good things like getting permission to pitch.

Prepare for the... worst?

Two Jehovah’s Witnesses knock on a door and the man lets them in to talk about God.

Inside the Jehovah’s Witnesses are completely blank and admit ‘We don’t know what happens now. We’ve never made it this far before’.

Are you prepared for the next steps?

You’ve got past the introduction and have permission to start pitching.

So, the prospect asks a question and you don’t know what to say. You feel as though you are just repeating yourself. You should have prepared a plan.

Planning might be painful, but it is completely harmless and necessary.

A plan can involve a script which can be simple to fill out and you can even use templates. A script will keep you on track on what you’ve said and what needs to be said.

Part of the script involves mapping out what you want from the call and again what is to be said. A mapped plan will give you better insight into your goals and that way you wont get lost in your pitch.

Jehovah's Witnesses have a good cold outreach program

Distractions disconnect

Everything is cordless, wireless and mobile these days that when we use the phone, we can be doing a number of things at the same time.

It might be easy to get distracted in a phone call when you can basically do anything at the same time.

You might want to look out the window, check your emails or order lunch while you just make a quick call. This limits your performance.

Considering already, not a lot of cold calls are successful, getting distracted is a rookie mistake.

Why it is such a mistake is that it disturbs the flow of conversation, your not listening and you wont be on top of your game.

You must give your full attention so that instead of hearing the words you are listening and understanding.

You want to be able to make connections between the prospects needs and your business.

Distraction disconnects you from the prospect and there is an incredibly high chance that just like you have lost interest, so has the prospect.

Multitasking is the BIG no-no when making a cold call.

Close your laptop, shut the blinds and glue yourself to that seat. Remove your distractions and remain engaged in the conversation.

The killer blow - dealing with rejection

Having thick skin is a prerequisite for business.

This is especially true in cold calls where rejection is higher than acceptance.

If you’re not one that deals with rejection easily than you may need some tips in helping deal with tough calls.

You can react to a bad sales call in many ways and prospects can be mean in many ways. They can be violent, rude or just simply hang up on you.

Whatever it is there are tips that should take you on the right track to recovery.            

One thing after a bad call is to distance yourself from the call. Sit your phone away for a bit, go for a walk, eat a happy snack or get some fresh air.

Don’t vent in anger or stir yourself up by keeping a lid on it. Reflect on the call not personally but professionally.

Think about what went wrong and what could have been done better and even what you did right.

If you’re someone that really struggles with bad feedback than take time and prepare a set of things that you know will personally help you get over the lump of sorrow.

Eventually you will handle the rejections like a professional.

cold calling requires thick skin

Hit it... Hit it... and, Hit it again

Once a prospect becomes a buyer then you can start making ‘warm calls’ which, if you can imagine, are probably a lot less nerve wracking.

There are high chances that you will not be successful in turning prospects into customers, but the rewards are worth it.

Nothing beats the feeling of selling something over the phone. One successful call can overturn a hundred failed calls.

So keep at it.

If you’re not convinced about ‘cold calling’ or need motivation watch Wolf of Wall Street or Pursuit of Happiness.

Those two movies will certainly get your blood pumping about cold calling. Alternatively, you could contact us for any advice.

CLIQ Marketing Content is there for you. Our co-founder Tim was once a cold-calling salesman, and has learned how to master the art. 

With our Google Ads management and SEO services we can guide you into delivering your business to success.

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