How Complete Conveyancing Solutions Gets Leads At A 17% Rate With A Tiny Ad Budget

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Google Ads Case Study

Complete Conveyancing Solutions

Here’s how we took Complete Conveyancing Solutions to the next level through a powerful, targeted Google Ads campaign. 

Complete Conveyancing Solutions is one of Melbourne’s best boutique conveyancing firms, located in the outer Western suburbs of Melbourne, the firm services Victoria-wide with all things property. Their CEO has over 20 years experience in the conveyancing industry

Complete Conveyancing Solutions approached us after running Google Ads in-house and getting some poor initial results. As a smaller firm they were being heavily outmuscled by some bigger competition and needed an expert touch in their Google Ads account to achieve success. 

Complete Conveyancing Solutions gave us the task of getting as many leads as possible for them, within a strict allocated budget, in a highly competitive market.

Challenge accepted. 

"I would like to express my gratitude for the support and time CLIQ Marketing took with my Google Ads. They were not only concise with the information provided, but they also showed a great deal of understanding to my circumstances. I would highly recommend CLIQ Marketing to assist with all your marketing needs."

The Task At Hand

Key takeaways from their problem:

1. Small Budget

Complete Conveyancing Solutions is in an industry where the average Cost Per Click can be up to $30. They are competing against lawyers and other large advertisers. Their budget limitation would dictate most decisions we made. 

2. Conversion Tracking & Data Analysis

There was an internal focus placed on reporting and conversion tracking so that Complete Conveyancing Solutions could begin looking at valuable profitability metrics like Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), and Conversion Rate in order to compare them to their sales close rates.

3. Brand Presentation

It’s not everyday that you work with clients who have over 20 years experience in what they do. It was vital to take into consideration the reputation of Complete Conveyancing Solutions when advertising them online. 

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Let's Pull Back The Curtains On Our Google Ads Management Strategy For Complete Conveyancing Solutions

Stage 1

Initial action steps:

These steps were taken before the Google Ads campaign went live. 

1. Budget Forecasting

Our first step was to conduct a budget forecast as Complete Conveyancing Solutions budget was very limited initially in what is a highly competitive and expensive industry. This forecast helped us to create some targeted action steps like a custom ad schedule.

2. Deep Dive Keyword Research

Because of the small budget and extremely competitive industry CCS was in, we had to take a very deep dive into keyword research. Using a number of our in-house professional marketing tools, we were able to identify lower volume high intent keywords that other advertisers just weren’t on. 

3. Create An Irresistible Offer

We set up a very powerful  offer for their industry. This entry point for our advertising meant we could increase the leads we generated with a lower commitment in the sales funnel. 

Stage 2

Major three month optimisation steps:

The three month mark is a major optimising point for long term maturity of a Google Ads campaign

1. Ad Schedule Optimisation

As we were facing a lot of competition we decided to dump all of the weekly Google Ads budget across 3 days per week. We identified the converting days for Complete Conveyancing and therefore ran the ad only on these days. This helped us compete with the larger advertisers whilst still sticking to the small budget. 

2. Extensive Negative Keyword List

A negative keyword list is vital for refining and optimising around key search terms that convert. Through constantly monitoring the Google search terms report, we were able to identify irrelevant terms and quickly negate them in order to show up for our converting terms more. 

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What were the results?

After their major optimisation Complete Conveyancing Solutions were able to generate 9 leads in a month for their boutique conveyancing firm. These leads were mostly inbound phone calls, which was great as they’re often one of the “hottest” types of enquiries. Their Cost Per Acquisition was $47.36 and their conversion rate was 17.06%. 

On average, the conveyancing industry in Australia converts traffic from Google Ads at a maximum of 5%. Therefore, we were able to generate conversion rates that were nearly four times higher than the industry average. 

Their cost per click was $8.06, which was greatly reduced from the average conveyancing/conveyancing lawyer cost per clicks between $13-$35. This was largely because of the custom landing page and expert ad copy, which set an above average quality score for each keyword. 

With our tailored advertising strategy, we were able to achieve these results for Complete Conveyancing Solutions whilst giving them an 80% top of page rate for their ad position. 

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