How Cliff Avenue Dental Generated Over 300 Leads For Their Dental Practice

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Google Ads Case Study

Cliff Avenue Dental

Here’s how we took Cliff Avenue Dental to the next level through a powerful, targeted Google Ads campaign. 

Cliff Avenue Dental is a renowned dentistry practice in the Southern parts of Adelaide, South Australia that has been in business for over 34 years. When we became involved, Cliff Avenue Dental had changed ownership with the previous owner still working at the practice, but the new owner, a slightly younger dentist was aware of the need to grow their digital presence.

Their web presence was poor, and their existing website was far from ideal for a practice with such an illustrious and established history. They were running Google advertising with a “churn and burn” international agency that is well known for being affordable but had very little results to show for it.

Excited by the prospect of growing the already well established brand even further in the surrounding Southern parts of Adelaide, Cliff Avenue Dental set some clear and actionable goals for their partnership with us.

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The Task Ahead

Key takeaways from their problem:

1. Online Brand Visibility

It was vital to establish Cliff Avenue Dental’s brand online, and whilst attracting new clients is always a priority, Their focus was on showing their existing clientele they were taking a new online direction, which in turn would increase positive customer referrals.

2. Phone Call Tracking

We needed to provide actionable tracking metrics, such as conversions, to demonstrate that whilst the ad was building an online brand, it was still attracting new clients through phone calls.

3. Build A New Website

Cliff Avenue Dental’s whole online presence needed a complete 180. Their website was hurting in a big way and any sort of advert to it would not yield the results desired by both parties.

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Let's Pull Back The Curtains On Our Google Ads Management Strategy For Cliff Avenue Dental

Stage 1

Initial action steps:

These steps were taken before the Google Ads campaign went live. 

1. Website Redesign

As Cliff Avenue Dental needed a whole digital refresh, we came up with a package for both a new website and ongoing Google Ads management. We designed a light-weight modern website with custom photos that would double as a Google Ads landing page. It was the ultimate two birds with one stone. 

2. Research Competitors

The Southern Vales of Adelaide are home to a lot of dental practices. It was important to get a grasp on what the direct competitors were doing before launching an ad so we didn’t run into a bidding war.

3. Set Up An Ad Schedule

Because there was going to be a large focus on phone calls, we needed the ad to only run on the exact times that Cliff Avenue Dental were open. This was roughly Monday-Saturday but with some time variations based on different factors. 

Stage 2

Major three month optimisation steps:

The three month mark is a major optimising point for long term maturity of a Google Ads campaign

1. Negative Bid Adjustment

During the optimisation process we  found that mobile devices were converting far better than desktop or tablet devices so we created negative bid adjustments on these devices. 

2. Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

As we built the website/landing page for this fantastic dental practice, we were able to adjust, tweak and refine the conversion prompts, call to actions and offers easily across the initial three months. 

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What were the results?

By the end of one calendar year doing Google Ads with our agency, Cliff Avenue Dental Surgery generated 355 tracked conversion (both a mixture of phone calls, and email leads). Their Cost Per Acquisition was $16.41, and their conversion rate was 15.05%.  

On average the dental industry in Australia converts traffic from Google Ads at a maximum of 3.36%. Therefore, we were able to generate conversion rates that were nearly 5 times higher than the industry average.

Their cost per click was $2.47, which was greatly reduced from the average dentist cost per clicks between $7-$15. This was largely because we built Cliff Avenue Dental’s website, optimised their campaign for phone calls and had highly targeted ad groups to increase the quality score. 

With our tailored advertising strategy, we were able to achieve these results for Cliff Avenue Dental and continue to increased their brand visibility online. They now regularly get over 145 clicks to their site each month. 

The main reason for these exceptional results is because Cliff Avenue Dental has been advertising with our agency for many years. They have invested in getting data in their Google Ads account and are reaping the rewards in a big way. 

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