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Google Ads campaigns can generate unparalleled outcomes. However, balancing precise targeting with effective budgeting requires expertise. Managing Google Ads campaigns is a specialised skill. Conquer it, and you can outshine your competitors and achieve significant revenue growth.

CLIQ Marketing Content is your Townsville Google Ads expert. We specialise in crafting impactful campaigns with clear, measurable results. As your Google Ads agency, we will partner with you to understand your business objectives and develop strategies to meet them. We manage your Google Ads account to ensure every dollar spent is driving results. This is all part of our comprehensive Google Ads services.

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How We Enhance ROI for Google Ads Clients in Townsville

If you’ve experimented with Google Ads management, you know the costs are rising as competition intensifies. An unoptimised PPC campaign can quickly become a financial drain. That’s where our expertise as a Google Ads agency for Townsville comes in.

Understanding everything in digital marketing— from search engine marketing to Google Ads—is crucial to surpassing competitors. As Google Ads specialists, we develop campaigns that resonate with your target audience, delivering sales with the best possible ROI.

Google Ads Results

Here are some of the incredible results we have achieved for our Google Ads clients in Townsville

Phone Calls

Locksmith - 30 days

Client Enquiries

Grant Writers - 30 days

Client Enquiries

Demolition - 30 days

Why Chose Us As Your Townsville Google Ads Campaign Partner?

Townsville Google Ads Agency with decades of combined experience

As a trusted Townsville Google Ads agency, we guarantee full transparency in our work. Here’s how we operate: we track all results from your Google Ads campaigns live through our MCC Advertising account, using this data to deliver honest, actionable reports. You’ll see exactly where every dollar goes and how it performs, whether it succeeds or needs further optimisation.

Transparency enables us to identify areas for improvement, enhancing your ad performance. Our goal is mutually assured success: when you get great results, we do as well.

Leading Google Ads Management Townsville

Turning Your Current Google Ads Campaign into a Revenue Machine

Google Ads offers tools to connect with customers at the right place at the right time. When someone searches on Google, they indicate an intent to purchase goods and services. With great ad copy and excellent conversion-focused assets, you can transform these searches into sales.

PPC advertising lets you bid on ad space above search results. It’s a competitive process, but with a strategic approach, it can lead to success that far outstrips any previous campaigns, including old advertising media.

As a Google Ads agency for Townsville, CLIQ Marketing Content helps clients optimise their campaigns for incredible success. Our knowledge of market trends and unbeatable competitor strategies allow us to create cost-effective campaigns that deliver maximum results.

As a certified Google Partner, we are recognised for our proficiency in managing Google Ads campaigns. Our track record is proven by our ability to deliver excellent results while handling a considerable client budget. Throughout the year, we maintain high optimisation scores to retain our Google Partner status.

By working with us, you gain access to a highly skilled team with decades of combined experience at using Google products. If you aim to lower ad spend while increasing leads, contact us today!

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TownsvilleGoogle Ads Services

Helping You Achieve Your Business Goals in Townsville

Every business is unique. That’s why we offer tailored digital marketing services for Townsville businesses aiming to reach their goals.

Google Ads

Google Ads

Utilise the power of the world's largest advertising network. Google Ads can deliver results from a vast pool of internet users. PPC ads can also complement your SEO and web projects.

Web Projects

Web Projects

Creating high-converting web assets is crucial. We develop websites and landing pages that communicate your message effectively, rank well in search engines, and look impressive.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO enhances your organic search rankings. Effective SEO combines onsite and offsite strategies, expanding your reach and driving stable growth. PPC and SEO, when used in tandem, can drive outstanding results.

About Us

Who Is CLIQ Marketing Content?

We are a Google AdWords agency servicing Townsville that is set apart from the competition through our highly personalised service, and unique director-led experience. We don’t merely set up your Google advertising campaigns and hope for the best; rather, we provide a holistic solution to lead generation for service-based business owners that focuses on an awareness of the marketing funnel, and where best to position a lead within that funnel.

We provide a vast array of Google AdWords services, all of which are motivated by the quest to find out what is possible to assist local businesses in realising their full potential. At CLIQ MC, we believe in the following three things:

Before you sign anything, we will let you know in advance if we believe there is a more effective option for you to promote, and we will demonstrate to you exactly what that alternative looks like. You will be fully aware of our plans for your brand and the reasoning behind them.

We do things as is. We do not hide anything and always tell the truth; our integrity is something we proudly display. We make every effort to win and keep the trust of our customers, to whom we are accountable and for whom we work very hard.

We provide our clients with clear and transparent reporting and strategy meetings. Whether it be over the phone or via zoom, our directors are happy to engage in conversation with any of our clients. We place a high priority on the relationships we have built with our clients.

Townsville Google Ads Management Agency

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Our Simple 3 Step Process

Step 1

Free No-Obligation Strategy Session

Our co-director Tim Buttery will sit down with you over the phone for a free no obligation 30-minute strategy session. In this strategy session, we are going to introduce you to the Google Ads network and our agency and explain how it is we help service-based business owners get up to seven times more leads from their Google Ads. We will provide some commentary on your existing Google Ads campaign setup and overall account structures. Finally, we will conduct a complimentary market analysis and provide you with an estimated campaign budget for you to generate success in your particular niche.

Step 2

Custom Proposal Delivery And Follow-Up Session

After our initial strategy session, we will deliver you a custom proposal based on some of the business goals we have discussed. This custom proposal will factor in your unique market conditions, and provide some realistic KPIs our team will aim to hit with you over time. We will send you examples of our custom-built client landing pages that help us get up to 50% ad-to-lead conversion rates in certain service-based industries, provide a unique look into our strategy with a personalised video from our director and also provide some of our 5-star client reviews.

After this proposal delivery, we’ll schedule a time back in with our director so you can ask any questions and make sure you fully understand how it is we can help your business grow through targeted Google Ads.

Step 3

Onboarding & Execution

If you’re happy with our initial proposal and overall strategic direction, we’ll begin our onboarding process. We’re renowned for being light on our feet because of our boutique agency structure. We can onboard clients in as little as 1 business day if required. We work our clients into two uniquely structured agency cycles, and begin campaigns in both the middle of the month and the start of the month. We’ll mock up your custom-built landing page, install some ad protection software into your ads account and then launch our highly targeted lead generation ad campaign to start delivering you more opportunities overnight.

How we've helped grow businesses in Townsville just like yours

Hear from Our Happy Clients in Townsville

    "I highly recommend CLIQ Marketing to help you get more calls from Google Ads. They have provided a personalised service and great results for my small business. Thank you to the team!"

    Daniel Dionizis

    Perth Locksmith

      "3rd (or 4th) time is the charm! After working with 2 or 3 other agencies where our results were terrible, working with Cliq has been amazing. Tim and his team have worked tirelessly with us to bring our campaign back to health. We're not just sent a report each month, we have regular strategy meetings where we discuss and agree on where the campaign is and how we are moving forward. Our ads are now flying and I am extremely happy with the process and the RESULTS."

      David Barton


        "Tim has been amazingly brilliant in everything he does for our NDIS business . He is extremely insightful, thorough and professional. He takes the time to learn about your business, our pain points and and was able to make constructive suggestions that would help our business. I was blown away by the immense value that he brought to our meeting and since then he has been consistent and always keeping the personal touch with his client to make sure everything is going well and his clients are happy with his services . Absolutely stellar performance right from the start! Thanks so much, Tim."

        Sabina Kamal


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