How Alliance Family Law Consistently Get 25-30 Leads A Month From Google Ads

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Google Ads Case Study

Alliance Family Law

Here’s how we took Alliance Family Law to the next level through a powerful, targeted Google Ads campaign. 

Alliance Family Law are an all female family law team based in Canberra, ACT. They have been in operation for many years and are an exceptionally well established brand that operates in high levels of integrity and client confidentiality. 

Alliance Family Law approached us whilst conducting Google Advertising in-house. After our initial strategy phone call it was apparent that they weren’t conducting conversion tracking and were unable to accurately estimate their ROI or ROAS from their Google Advertising. 

Whilst well aware that their Google Ads were accomplishing something, Alliance Family Law had been considering outsourcing their Google Ads management to an agency for a number of years. 

With a large team of all female lawyers, administrative staff and solicitors, Alliance Family Law were ready to take their business growth seriously with a custom investment in Google Ads with our agency. 

"CLIQ Marketing have given us great service from day 1. We reached out after the bushfires and the current health crisis when our business took a real hit on new client inquiries. They worked out what we needed and provided solid advice that really made sense. Their analytics is excellent - after 6 years of Google ads we now finally know what is really working - and what is not. I can't speak highly enough of the professionalism and competence of CLIQ Marketing."

The task

Key takeaways from their problem:

1. Conversion Tracking

Having done their Google Ads in-house it was going to be a refreshing site to see some conversion tracking and actually, for the first time in six years, have the ability to calculate what their ROI was. 

2. Long Term Planning For Consistent Growth

With a large team of family lawyers and solicitors, Alliance Family Law required a long term strategy for Google Advertising. This strategy needed to help them grow over at least the next year period before reassessing their options. 

3. Become An In House Agency

Because Alliance Family Law had full control over their Google Ads, it was vital that we act as more of a “staff member” than an external agency who keeps to themselves. We set up regular communication channels including monthly Zoom meetings with key personnel and account managers. 

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Let's Pull Back The Curtains On Our Google Ads Management Strategy For Alliance Family Law

Stage 1

Initial action steps:

These steps were taken before the Google Ads campaign went live. 

1. Set Up Conversion Tracking

First step was to set up conversion tracking, both through a google forwarding number so that we could be 100% certain that phone calls were coming from the Google Ads. We also set up a 30 day conversion window so that we wouldn’t miss out on people who came back after initially engaging with the ad.

2. Landing Page

The second step was to get our team to create a custom built landing page geared towards increasing website lead form conversions through leveraging an engaging offer.

3. Long Term Competitor Research

As Canberra is a smaller advertising market, the competition is much hotter amongst Family Lawyers. It was vital we had a grasp on the main competitors, what they were doing and how we could beat them at every turn. We leveraged the auction insights reports once the ad was live and continued optimising the campaign for the most impression share. 

Stage 2

Major three month optimisation steps:

The three month mark is a major optimising point for long term maturity of a Google Ads campaign

1. Bidding Strategy

We began the campaign with a manual approach paired with a semi-automated bidding strategy after a few weeks to generate enough conversion data to use more of the fully automated bid strategies. We then tested a fully automated conversion-focussed strategy which was viable for a few weeks before the cost per lead became too high. 

2. Device Optimisation

We found that although computer devices were converting at a healthy rate, the mobile devices were converting at a better rate and lower Cost Per Lead (CPL). We opted to do a series of negative bid adjustments to optimise around this data. 

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What were the results?

After five straight months of advertising, Alliance Family Law was able to generate 130 full tracked conversions (both a mixture of phone calls, and website form leads). Their average Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) was $104.64, and their conversion rate was 16.37%.

On average the Google search network in Australia converts traffic from Google Ads at a maximum of 4.4%. Therefore, we were able to generate conversion rates that were roughly four times higher than the search network average.

Their cost per click was $16.08, which was greatly reduced from the average family lawyer cost per clicks between $30-$75. This was largely because of the custom landing page and expert ad copy, which set an above average quality score for each keyword. 

With our tailored advertising strategy, we were able to achieve these results for Alliance Family Law and simultaneously conserve their monthly advertising budget by a whopping 10% consistently for each advertising month. This means they were able to get significantly more return on their advertising investment, for a significantly lower monthly cost. 

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