How Able Defence Lawyers Generated 39 Conversions At A 26.7% Rate In One Month

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Google Ads Case Study

Able Defence Lawyers

Here’s how we took Able Defence Lawyers to the next level through a powerful, targeted Google Ads campaign. 

Able Defence Lawyers are a well established legal firm in the competitive Greater Western Sydney market. With over 50 verified five star client Google reviews they are a law firm that is built on integrity, affordability and exceptional results. Their expert legal team are multi-lingual and well versed in a number of areas of law. As a general law firm, they offer services in criminal, family, traffic, civil and corporate law, along with a host of other areas. 

Able Defence Lawyers approached us whilst still working with another Google Advertising agency. After our initial strategy phone call, it was apparent that the other Google Ads agency was not conducting conversion tracking, nor providing any tangible metrics around what the Google Ads were actually achieving each month. It only displayed “vanity metrics” like clicks, impressions and cost per click, but little to no evidence of measurable results like cost per acquisition (CPA), number of conversions, or conversion rate.

Along with this, the Google Ads Agency in Sydney they were working with had become uncontactable in recent months so they now were continuing to invest thousands of dollars into a campaign that was completely blind.

"CLIQ Marketing have been fantastic! We have developed a great rapport with Tim and really appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach to increasing our client base. We are getting real results and are very happy."

The Task

Key takeaways from their problem:

1. Conversion Tracking

We needed to track every action that happened as a result of our Google Ads through comprehensive and reliable conversion tracking metrics. Further, we had to provide a 100% transparent advertising report so that Able Defence Lawyers could finally calculate their Return On Investment (ROI) and optimise their new client acquisition strategies. 

2. Key Targeting Requests

This campaign was created during the COVID-19 pandemic, and there was a large uptake in potential clients searching for lawyers who could do Wills, Estates, and other personal legal matters. We made sure to include these keywords in our initial targeting discussions.

3. Clear & Concise Communication

Due to their other Google Ads Agency going awol, Able Defence Lawyers were understandably needing clear, regular and concise communication from us. We chose to regularly email them updates about their ad progress and make ourselves available for a phone call whenever they required. 

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A sneak peek at the CLIQ Marketing Google Ads Process

Let's pull back the curtains on our Google Ads Management strategy for Able Defence Lawyers

Stage 1

Initial action steps:

These steps were taken before the Google Ads campaign went live. 

1. Set Up Conversion Tracking

The first step was to set up conversion tracking. This was done both through a google forwarding number, and a variety of form submission, and email submission tracking tools. This is so that we could be as close to certain that the leads were coming from the Google Ads. We also set up a 30 day conversion window so that we wouldn’t miss out on people who came back after initially engaging with the ad.

2. Landing Page

The second step was to get our team to create a custom built landing page geared towards increasing website lead form conversions. This landing page had to be sleek, sophisticated and lightweight with low load times for fast PPC action. 

3. Keyword Research

The third step in building the campaign was to focus on high intent relevant keywords, in a targeted area. The previous campaign manager had targeted all of Sydney meaning that Able’s budget was stretched too thin in the hottest advertising market in Australia. We bought in their advertising radius to the surrounding suburbs around their office, to enable them to not only compete but dominate their direct competitors in the Google Ads auction. 

Stage 2

Major three month optimisation steps:

The three month mark is a major optimising point for long term maturity of a Google Ads campaign

1. Bidding Strategy

We began the campaign with a manual cost per click approach. After a few weeks, we paired this seamlessly with a semi-automated bid strategy to generate more conversion data. Through this manual CPC approach, we were able to manipulate the bid amounts to make sure we always put their ad in the converting zone.

2. Device Optimisation

During the optimisation process we also found that mobile devices were converting far better than desktop or tablet devices so we created negative bid adjustments on these devices so that the campaign only ran on mobile devices.

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What were the results?

In their third month of Google Ads with our agency, Able Defence Lawyers campaign generated 39 fully tracked conversions: both a mixture of phone calls and online form submissions from our custom built landing page.

Their cost per acquisition was $63.81, and their conversion rate was 26.9%, which is six times higher than the average conversion rate for the search network which is 4.4% 

Their cost per click was $17.16, which was greatly reduced from the average lawyer cost per clicks between $25-$50. This was largely because of the custom landing page and expert ad copy, which set an above average quality score for each keyword. 

With our tailored advertising strategy, we were able to achieve these results for Able Defence Lawyers and simultaneously conserve their monthly advertising budget by a whopping 16% for that month. This means they were able to get significantly more return on their advertising investment, for a significantly lower monthly cost. 

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